Dr. Ana Lucia Mayen-Chacon - ORCHESTRA Project

Research Topic

“Enhancing COVID-19 Prevention, Treatment, and Pandemic Preparedness Through Global Collaborative Research: The ORCHESTRA Project"

Interviewee Information

Dr. Ana Lucia Mayen-Chacon
Postdoc at Université Paris-Saclay

Description of the research project

ORCHESTRA, a three-year international research initiative, is spearheaded by the University of Verona and involves 26 partners from 15 different countries. This project's primary objective is to formulate evidence-based recommendations to effectively prevent, protect, and optimize the treatment of COVID-19 patients, including those experiencing long-term consequences. Special focus is given to vulnerable populations, such as healthcare workers and individuals with underlying health conditions. Additionally, the project aims to evaluate the impact of environmental factors, socio-economic determinants, lifestyle choices, and containment measures on the transmission of COVID-19. It also seeks to provide insights into the effectiveness of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and establish a responsive model for future pandemics. Within the scope of this project, data from other European countries and a retrospective cohort from France called EPICOV, which contains comprehensive data on transmission and housing status, among other factors, is being analyzed. This analysis aims to understand the correlation between mask usage, preventive measures, and mental health outcomes in the context of COVID-19-related stressors.