Dr. Judit Danis - Targeting RNAs by small molecules (PRINS)

Research Topic

Targeting RNAs by small molecules, PRINS - Psoriasis Related Non-Coding RNA Induced by Stress

Interviewee Information

Dr. Judit Danis.
Department of Immunology, University of Szeged.
ELKH-SZTE Dermatological Research Group; HCEMM-USZ Skin Science Group.

Description of the research project

Targeting RNAs with small molecules is a collaborative project supported by EUGLOHRIA between the University of Szeged and Paris Saclay University. Judit Danis from the University of Szeged and Jean Christophe Cintrat from Paris Saclay University are among the pioneering researchers who have identified the functions of non-coding RNAs. With the backing of EUGLOHRIA funding, they are collaborating closely on this project, leveraging their shared research interests.