Dr. Maria Gomez- Professor at Diabetic Complications

Interviewee Information

Dr. Maria F. Gomez
Professor at Diabetic Complications at Lund University

Maria F. Gomez obtained her PhD on the regulation of voltage-dependent calcium channels in smooth muscle at Lund University, Sweden. She then completed post-doctoral studies at The University of Vermont on calcium-dependent transcription in the vasculature.

Currently, she’s Professor of Physiology at the Department of Clinical Sciences in Malmö and coordinator of LUDC (Lund University Diabetes Centre), with some of the best characterized clinical studies in diabetes and ~300 staff members working synergistically towards improved diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes, with the common goal to deliver precision medicine in diabetes. She also coordinates IMI2 project BEAt-DKD (Biomarker Enterprise Attacking Diabetic Kidney Disease).