Dr. Noemi Castelletti- Mathematical Modeler/ Statistician.

Interviewee Information

Dr. rer. nat. Noemi Castelletti
Mathematical Modeler / Statistician at the Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, LMU Klinikum

Dr. Noemi Castelletti, a mathematical modeler and statistician, embarked on her academic journey in Germany in 2009, specializing in mathematics. She later pursued a Master's in biomathematics, applying mathematical principles to address biological challenges. Her master’s thesis, focused on infectious diseases, was conducted in Szeged. Subsequently, Dr. Castelletti earned her Ph.D. at the Helmholtz Center Munich in collaboration with LMU, specializing in lung cancer modeling.

During her academic pursuits, she spent one month each in Japan and San Francisco, where she investigated radiation exposure using data from atomic bomb survivors in Japan and U.S. mine workers. Following her Ph.D., she worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Helmholtz Center Munich before joining LMU's infectious disease department, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Her research now spans infectious diseases, including COVID-19 and tuberculosis in Africa.

Notably, Dr. Castelletti played a pivotal role in the Koco-19 study, a prospective representative cohort study in Munich that recruited 5,000 participants. She also contributed to the KoCo-imf study, which focused on vaccination among healthcare workers. It's worth highlighting that Dr. Castelletti underscores the importance of research in fostering connections among people and addressing global health challenges.