Dr. Petra Müllerová - Mobile health applications

Research Topic

Mobile health applications: Good servant or bad doctor?

Interviewee Information

Dr. Petra Müllerová
PhD, PostDoc. at Health Law Research Centre, Lund University

Description of the research project

Petra is a postdoc of European law, specializing in Health law. She is working within the Health Law Research Centre. Her research project concerns new eHealth technologies and its regulation on the European union level in the ethical context of the patients’ rights. She defended her PhD thesis in 2020 at the University of Toulouse in France and at Charles University in Prague. She studied at the Department of European Law and her dissertation focused on legislative development in the field of telemedicine. Her thesis was exactly devoted to the European cross-border provision of telemedicine services in the framework of a comparison of the Czech and French healthcare systems. She examined not only the Czech and French health care system, but especially compliance with European legislation and the lack of clarity. She was interested of both: technical issues regarding the interoperability of the system and the security of the technologies used, as well as on ethical issues regarding the protection of privacy and sensitive data. Since 2019, she has been involved in the preparation of European legislation in the European Parliament. Her main focus consisted in the food security concerning pesticides, GMO but also residues of pesticides in the nutrition. She was preparing the revision of Common agriculture policy. Her research project is part of a European interdisciplinary program EUGHLORIA. She is focusing on the development of the new eHealth technologies in relation with patients’ rights and actual European legislation. The health applications and the online platforms during covid pandemic experienced quick development. However, legislation in many Member States has lagged behind. She will examine whether this too rapid technological development is not in a legal or ethical conflict with the patient’s rights.