Biomedical Center Munich (LMU) - Part 2

Through the establishment of the Biomedical Center (BMC), LMU has brought together its biomedical research units at the prestigious HighTechCampus in Martinsried/Grosshadern. This setting provides exceptional resources and infrastructure, creating unparalleled prospects for advanced interdisciplinary research in the field of life sciences.

The BMC regards itself as the Center of Applied Cell Science where BMC researchers explore the plasticity of cell programs during differentiation and in response to environmental stimuli. Diverse departments and institutes specializing in pre-clinical, clinical-theoretical, and clinical subjects are housed within the new BMC. Six core facilities provide a range of advanced technology and services to support the needs of scientists throughout the BMC and also function as service facilities for the entire building.

In this virtual tour, we will introduce you to two of the core facilities at the BMC: Core facility 1: Bioimaging and Core facility 2: Bioinformatics.