Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles (UPorto)

The Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles (SGEVL) at INESC TEC serves as a dynamic platform for translating the theoretical concepts, algorithms, and scientific insights generated by the Centre for Power & Energy Systems (CPES) into practical applications. Our spectrum of implementations spans from elementary prototypes and proof of concepts to comprehensive demonstrators deployed in real-world settings, aligning with our commitment to research and development. SGEVL not only conducts cutting-edge R&D within INESC TEC but also engages in consultancy activities for both academic and industrial partners. The facility accommodates PhD students and advanced researchers, offering a conducive environment for the entire research lifecycle, from idea conception and peer discussions to knowledge development, prototype creation, and implementation/testing phases. Over the years, SGEVL has hosted resident and invited foreign researchers pursuing their PhD degrees, fostering a collaborative and international research community. Our laboratory plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between science-based innovation, the primary output of INESC TEC, and key stakeholders in the energy market acting in several areas of the energy business - harvesting/production, transmission, distribution, control, protection, and conversion. By leveraging the resources and infrastructure available at SGEVL, we bring forth impactful solutions and advancements that contribute to the evolution of the energy industry. Beyond our core research activities, SGEVL stands as a hub for social awareness on energy-related topics, including energy efficiency, electric mobility, smart grids, and renewable energy. We regularly welcome visits from students, researchers, educators, and industry representatives from various domains, providing them with insights into the groundbreaking research conducted at INESC TEC. Our commitment extends beyond the laboratory walls, fostering a broader understanding of the critical issues shaping the energy landscape.