Platform CIBLOT (UPSaclay)

The platform CIBLOT stands for "Screening, Biology-Chemistry Interface, and Operational Transfer Laboratory." The primary goal of CIBLOT is to assist researchers in identifying small molecules that can serve as probes to modulate biological functions and offer leads for discovering drugs targeting various diseases. CIBLOT constitutes a privileged interface for collaboration between biologists and chemists, and a framework for the transfer of scientific and technological skills between them. The services will be accessible to academic or industrial researchers outside the Faculty of Pharmacy. CIBLOT will participate in training in high-throughput screening and pharmaceutical research.


CIBLOT's equipment is based on a Beckman/Biotek/Perkin-Elmer integrated robotic system for screening, and various general laboratory equipment for test development. The Biomek FX Single Bridge 96 (Beckman Coulter) is equipped with a 96-channel pipetting head that allows pipetting into 96- and 384-well format microplates. The multi-channel head carries an integrated clamp for moving plates and tip boxes on the table. The Biomek FX is the heart of a robotic system that includes the following peripheral devices: reagent dispenser, microplate washer, storage carousel, CO2 incubator, microplate reader.

The robotic system is dedicated to high-throughput screening (High-Throughput Screening, HTS). The SAMI (SAGIAN Automated Method Interface) EX planning computer program allows the implementation of automated methods and simultaneous control of peripheral devices. The screening facility is equipped with an Envision Xcite reader (Perkin Elmer) for 96, 384, and 1536 well microplates. This multifunction reader allows you to measure absorbance, luminescence, and fluorescence (in intensity, time resolved and polarization modes). The possibility of simultaneously analyzing luminescence and fluorescence, or the emission of two fluorophores, makes it possible to implement BRET and FRET techniques.